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Up-Cycling is our passion 
Jan with some of our donated clothing.

Up-Cycling is Sew Haltons passion.

We have zero waste at Sew Halton, all clothing donated is either donated to organisations within our borough, remade in to wearable clothing or offcuts used as stuffing for our soft toys and cushions.

Even our used teabags are used to dye fabric then put in to our food waste soil maker.

We use fabric off cuts shown to the left, the fabric off cuts would have been thrown away, we use them to create custom patchwork cushions, soft toys and quilt covers.


The picture to the right shows how unwanted fleece top's can

be re cut and turned in to hot water bottle covers. 

Sew Halton up-cycle children's coat's which we donate to Halton Brook Childrens Centre (160 coats donated)

ABC Boxing Club (26 coat's donated)

Foodbank (26 coat's donated)

We also donate unwanted clothing to various organisations such as Runcorn Veteran's Association.

Dee from ASDA and Jackie from Runcorn Shopping City

Picture to the left, who both worked in the textile industry and have a wealth of sewing experience.

Thanks to these two ladies we managed to up-cycle over 120 coats.

Picture to the right shows Billy Jones from Runcorn Veterans Association picking up donated clothing for his organisation.

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