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                  Halton Sews Scrubs

 We provided over £16,000 of scrubs and gowns to hospitals and care homes in the Northwest of England, this would not have been possible without our volunteers who worked tirelessly to stitch every garment.

                            Thank you. 

With the recent outbreak of Covid-19 a lot of NHS workers have been left struggling with the need for effective protection options. HALTON SEWS SCRUBS was started due to the need for scrubs for our NHS heroes. The group was set up by Suzanne Parkes and Victoria Begg This new venture is aimed at creating and flaunting the many different helpful garments that can be made to protect the people that need it the most.


Everything here has been created by the people of Halton to support others in need and we are so proud to see everyone coming together to create something amazing and know that the continued efforts of all of us will make a huge difference.

76 people have already donated to the cause, including YKK who donated £300 and The Soroptimists have donated £100 to the funding page as well. Many thanks to everyone single one of you that helps us towards assisting the NHS!










We have just had a £400 donation from Parklands FC! We want to give them a massive THANK YOU for their generousity, it seriously floored us! Click the link below to see what they thought about us on their facebook post!


The staff at Warrington Hospital recently took a lovely picture of them all wearing some of the scrubs made by everyone. It's a nice reminder of where the amazing amount of effort everyone has put in so far is going.


A member of staff from The Bevan Medical Centre sent us this picture of her in her scrubs outfit that one of our members made, she's clearly chuffed to bits with it.








Ann has made this bunch of scrubs, all we can really say about them is wow! We can really tell she's been working hard.

Joanne Walker Thwaite made some more great scrubs pants . There's really no questioning her amazing work ethic with all these she's done here.

Suzanne has made this image of some of the different steps involved in creating the scrubs, very which may help others visualise the processes involved.



BIG NEWS on the topic of HALTON SEWS SCRUBS! We just received an absolutely huge donation of over 120 meters of fabric from Emma Jane. It's very much appreciated and will get put to good use for sure! 


Beryl has been keeping busy, creating a whole 4 sets of scrubs herself which she has now dropped of to Suzanne. What impressive momentum, we know you'll keep it up.

Joanne Walker Thwaite has created a well made headband featured below to the left, very well done. In the middle is Olga Efremova, who is rocking her creations in style with some friends who also assisted the process by providing a nice meal, we hope you saved some for the rest of us! On the right is a picture of a bag made by Charlotte Ryan, an interesting design for sure.

We are just sharing the men’s pattern for scrubs as the NHS staff feel this is a more comfortable for them to wear. To go along with this is a step-by-step guide created by the wonderful Anne Smith, which also includes instructions on how to do the drawstring waist as this is the preferred option. It also includes how to do the side pockets, which are not essential, a single back pocket on the trousers will suffice and two in the scrubs tops.

A few points to note are:


· Please select the fabric with care, it should be able to withstand a 90c wash, so a trial run with the selected fabric may be good prior to cutting out and starting.


· Please do not use stained/embossed/felt material, no buttons/sequins or embellishments.


Please ensure that the finished garment is labelled with size (guide attached below).

Angela Walton created some great blue scrubs for the NHS as seen below. We admire the great job she did on these, very impressive!

Stephanie Robbins made these gorgeous headbands for the people on Ward B1 at Halton Hospital. Very cheerful and colourful and we're sure they didn't go unappreciated!

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